Not another food blog…


That’s probably the first thought that comes to mind upon seeing this post, and you know what?  I agree!  But seeing as how my infatuation with food is starting to border on slightly (fine, severely) obsessive, I figured I either write about it, or seek out some sort of professional support group (and let’s face it, I’m waaaaay to lazy to actually go anywhere).  I just don’t understand, is there something wrong with discussing what’s for dinner, over breakfast?  Or falling asleep to the beautiful sounds of foodnetwork?  Of course not!

So with this first post, I hereby make a promise to document and convey the results of all my culinary (and maybe some non-culinary) trials and tribulations, whether I succeed, fail, or fail so miserably that I’ll have to lie about it.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll even make a turducken (stuffed with shrimp of course).


7 Responses to “Not another food blog…”

  1. As the first comment to your first blog post, I here solemnly swear to keep you to that promise 🙂

  2. 2 Igor

    As your second post, I solemnly swear to definitely eat all the food that you will be creating 🙂

  3. We are not a cult. Join us.

    Great job, the first post is the hardest!

  4. 4 Grisha the Destroyer

    I will be honest and say that I did not read through your recipe but, to be fair, I already read about 4 recipe books a night, so there is no room in my recipe reading cue.

    I suggest that you change your name to Yulya, and merge your blog with the other Yulyas, to create something called, “Yulya Cubed: A blog about men and the under-appreciated women who cook for them”.

  5. 5 Vika

    Vikochka, funny, friendly, deliciousssss!!!!
    Eggplants are my favorite veges. I can share with you lots of recepies. Did I spell it right???

  6. Great idea for a blog… looking forward to seeing the posts and trying recipes!

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