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 Let’s call them what they really are – a hassle!  You spend an hour making one at a time, with approximately 10% of them looking decent, all while cursing yourself for ever embarking on this guaranteed-to-fail adventure. Your only bit of relief stems from the fact that you can finally justify the purchase of […]

Every morning I grab a few pieces of fruit on my way to work, mostly to make up for the crap I eat throughout the day.  This morning I grabbed an apple, a pear, and what I thought was a plum.  I got to work and began to retrieve my 3 out of 8 recommended […]

The anchovy.


hey’re slimy, they’re fishy, and, in my opinion, should be legally omitted from any recipe.  But seeing as how I once made a promise to myself to always try a recipe in its originality at least once, I had no choice but to finally accept these intimidating little things as an actual ingredient.  So with […]