An eggplant is not a plum…


Every morning I grab a few pieces of fruit on my way to work, mostly to make up for the crap I eat throughout the day.  This morning I grabbed an apple, a pear, and what I thought was a plum.  I got to work and began to retrieve my 3 out of 8 recommended daily servings, and what do I find instead of a plum?  A freakineggplant!!! Don’t ask how.  All I can do is plead lack of sleep and emphasize that I rapidly grabbed the bag of “fruit” and ran out the door, noting that I was supposed to be at work approximately 8 minutes ago (‘A’ for time management!).

I don’t usually post mid week (don’t you love how I say that like I’ve been posting for years versus post #4?), but I figured that since I carried around a stupid eggplant all day, might as well put it to good use.  To make story short – green curry over rice.   Up until now, I have always used the canned stuff, but seeing as how I went on and on about the store bought croutons, I decided to make the curry from scratch and save the hypocrisy for a later date.

Disclaimer (ie excuses): Never made before; insufficient time to research; will need refining.

Plum turned eggplant experiment:
– chopped veggies: eggplant (duh), mushrooms, bell peppers, and zucchini
– 6oz can of bamboo shoots
– whatever else you have lying around that may seem applicable

Green Curry:
– green curry paste (does paste mean it’s not really from scratch?)
– 13.5oz coconut milk
– 1tbs fish sauce

The recipe on the curry paste container suggested using the entire can of coconut milk (mistake #1, way too much sauce).  It then said to add 1tbs of the paste (mistake #2).  I like things spicy and ended up using 4 tablespoons.  Since everybody likes different levels of heat, I’d suggest tasting as you go along.  For the actual dish – mix all the sauce ingredients in a bowl; heat up some olive oil, stir fry the vegetables,add the sauce, and let it simmer for approximately 10 minutes.  I know I know, ingredients, measurements, and instructions definitely need some work.


Final product:


15 minutes later:

What the…?!  Now how did those get in there?!??? 😉


15 Responses to “An eggplant is not a plum…”

  1. Bwahaa haa! That sounds like an honest mistake (can you tell when I’m being fake supportive? Eggplant instead of plum? Really? Really?)
    Love me some green curry, yum, which paste did you use?

  2. My you finished that dish fast 🙂 and hid those shrimp very masterfully among the eggplant and such.

  3. This post was hilarious! Definitely something that I would do.

  4. Haha, at least it was purple. You made me laugh tonight, loves it! Love that you stress tasting as you go along.

  5. Well, (duh), this looks delicious! I love the hidden shrimp as well. Not bad for your 4th post!

  6. 10 Yasik

    I thought this was a porn site? Fooled yet again.

  7. Too funny! Totally something I would have done.
    How was the final product? Tasty??

  8. Sounds like something I would do! LOL!

    I’ve tried curry maybe once, or twice in my life. But I’ve never tried to make it. Your recipe looks so easy and delicious, I see curry in my future! 🙂

  9. that is hysterical!

  10. that totally sounds like a day I would have!

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