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A few weeks ago I made dinner for some friends (please stop yelling “Where the hell was I !@#$%?!).  I was really excited that for once I had more than 11 minutes to throw together a dinner, and was actually able to produce a lasagna, a Cesar salad, a caprese salad stack, and a pie. […]

Dear Chipotle, I cannot go near you between the hours of 11am and 2pm.  You are visited by people from all corners of the earth financial district so it was only natural for me to jump on the bandwagon, and join the phenomenon that I had apparently been missing.  The efficiency in taking orders and […]

The pom…


I love pomegranates.  Not in the add-a-few-seeds-to-a-salad type of way, but more like a rush-through-dinner-nearly-choking-on-my-food-so-I-can-consume-a-few type of way.  Hold on, it gets weirder.  I’ve met many people who like pomegranates and I always tend to ask these people the same question: “How do you eat them?”.  Now, I have to admit I’ve spent some time […]