The pom…


I love pomegranates.  Not in the add-a-few-seeds-to-a-salad type of way, but more like a rush-through-dinner-nearly-choking-on-my-food-so-I-can-consume-a-few type of way.  Hold on, it gets weirder.  I’ve met many people who like pomegranates and I always tend to ask these people the same question: “How do you eat them?”.  Now, I have to admit I’ve spent some time pondering whether I actually want to disclose how I eat them, but after that whole eggplant-plum fiasco, I figured it can only go up from there.  So here goes…I cut them into slices, peel back the white skin, and bite into it like an orange.  Sounds boring?  Well let me elaborate by adding the fact that due to the nature of the pom, I create a diy bib made out of paper towels, resembling those crab shacks bibs but on a much lower budget.  And despite my attempts to remain clean and dainty, I end up looking like a 2-year-old who has fallen into a bucket of red paint face first, as I politely remind my husband that he married me “for better or worse”, as he glances at me with sheer panic.

And here it is:

You didn’t actually think I’d post a picture of me in the tragic state described above, did you?

So, of course, I’d now like to know…how do you eat them?!


3 Responses to “The pom…”

  1. You can’t not post that picture! The world has to see it!!!

  2. Duude, sometimes I get so lazy that I just eat the seeds…ain’t got time for no baby bib.

  3. The best tip I ever got for divesting the pomegranate of it’s fruit was to “peel” it under water. In a big (enough to fit your hands, the pom and enough water to cover) bowl, peel back the white membrane under water and let the fruit–which is buoyant–float to the surface to be skimmed from the top when you’re done.

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