Like white on rice…


Dear Chipotle,

I cannot go near you between the hours of 11am and 2pm.  You are visited by people from all corners of the earth financial district so it was only natural for me to jump on the bandwagon, and join the phenomenon that I had apparently been missing.  The efficiency in taking orders and paying while people are still in line is absolutely ingenious, as is the assembly line that allows you to pile on whatever your little heart stomach desires.  But tragically, I must reveal that there is one issue I cannot overcome which prevents me from sprinting down the block during that magical hour of the day we all wait so dearly for.  Namely, your rice.  I have traveled taquerias all over and have come across some very unique finds, yet cannot overcome this hurtle.  I can look past the corn; I can accept the lettuce; but white rice?!  Really?!  Why!?  I know the cilantro and lime gives it the south-of-the-border influence, but I hold firm to my beliefs that using white rice in a burrito is just plain wrong.  Why, oh why must you diverse on this very important staple of the burrito, I ask.

To those who hold Chipotle near and dear to their heart, I ask for your forgiveness but mostly importantly, I just want to know what is it that makes Chipotle your shrimp?


5 Responses to “Like white on rice…”

  1. You mean besides the fact that it’s damn tasty? Chipotle has a policy of “food with integrity”, they use sustainably farmed meat, dairy without rBGH, organic in a percentage of their products, local farmers when possible, etc. etc.

    Plus it’s fun to say cheee-poh-tlay, or however you like…

    Oh and thanks for making me crave something that’s two hundred miles away. Some friend you are.

  2. 3 Julia @ DimpleArts Photography

    With all the organic, locally grown, good for you ingredients, why are Chipotle burritos something like 1,000 calories each? Is it the size?

  3. 4 Dark Pegasus

    Dear Shrimpaholic,

    I’m a long-time reader, yet a first time writer. Your observation of the white rice is spot on. There is no excuse for such an ingredient in a burrito. Those who hold Chipotle near and dear should thank you for opening their eyes!

    Another item to add to the list of of issues with the Chipotle burrito is the restaurants’ staff inability to properly wrap the heap of “food with integrity”. I feel that at least 25% of the over all quality of a burrito comes from the way it is wrapped. If the tortilla does not hold even through half of the meal, it receives a thumbs down; not to mention that often the tortilla is pre-ripped for your spilling pleasure.

    I wonder, with such burrito expertise, would you, Shrimpaholic, have a recommendation of a burrito establishment that you approve of?

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