As you can tell by the title of this blog, I love all things shrimp.  I’m not quite sure when or how, but at some point during my childhood I discovered these little morsels of heavenly perfection (tail on of course), and have been acknowledging them as an official food group ever since.  I still can’t explain it, but consuming shrimp, for me, can only be described as a feeling synonymous to eating chocolate for most girls (and I am no exception to that one either).  While I won’t include shrimp in every post (somehow, I don’t see shrimp cupcakes catching on), they will definitely be making an appearance.

Now, I should warn you that I am in no way a professional chef, cook, or culinary expert (although I have learned to peel those shrimp mighty fast).  I’m simply your average foodie with a slightly higher-than-average affection for shrimp, trying to convince myself that collecting recipes is NOT a hobby.  You know how you only go to the gym if you promised someone you’d meet them there?  Well I figured if I start a blog and publicly commit to expanding my culinary horizons, maybe it will actually happen.  And if I fail, please refer to the definition of ‘maybe’.

So now, as they I say…Let Them Eat Shrimp!


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