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Hey Bubba!


Peoples! Have you seen Forrest Gump?  Can you believe that I actually haven’t?  Yep, it’s true.  However, I did acquire the fabulous cookbook from Bubba Gump and am currently spreading the joy of shrimp over at DimpleArts Photography. What are you doing still reading this?  Go look! Advertisements

The pom…


I love pomegranates.  Not in the add-a-few-seeds-to-a-salad type of way, but more like a rush-through-dinner-nearly-choking-on-my-food-so-I-can-consume-a-few type of way.  Hold on, it gets weirder.  I’ve met many people who like pomegranates and I always tend to ask these people the same question: “How do you eat them?”.  Now, I have to admit I’ve spent some time […]

Every morning I grab a few pieces of fruit on my way to work, mostly to make up for the crap I eat throughout the day.  This morning I grabbed an apple, a pear, and what I thought was a plum.  I got to work and began to retrieve my 3 out of 8 recommended […]

That’s probably the first thought that comes to mind upon seeing this post, and you know what?  I agree!  But seeing as how my infatuation with food is starting to border on slightly (fine, severely) obsessive, I figured I either write about it, or seek out some sort of professional support group (and let’s face […]