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Hey Bubba!


Peoples! Have you seen Forrest Gump?  Can you believe that I actually haven’t?  Yep, it’s true.  However, I did acquire the fabulous cookbook from Bubba Gump and am currently spreading the joy of shrimp over at DimpleArts Photography. What are you doing still reading this?  Go look! Advertisements

A few weeks ago I made dinner for some friends (please stop yelling “Where the hell was I !@#$%?!).  I was really excited that for once I had more than 11 minutes to throw together a dinner, and was actually able to produce a lasagna, a Cesar salad, a caprese salad stack, and a pie. […]

Every morning I grab a few pieces of fruit on my way to work, mostly to make up for the crap I eat throughout the day.  This morning I grabbed an apple, a pear, and what I thought was a plum.  I got to work and began to retrieve my 3 out of 8 recommended […]

Now what kind of shrimpaholic would I be if I didn’t dedicate my first “real” post to my favorite food group?  Of course deciding to cook shrimp was the easy part seeing as how the end results would involve me eating it.  But then I realized that not only did I have to decide on […]